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Selecting web radio stations

GetRadio allows you to find web radio stations (also known as podcasts) that suit your musical taste from among over 25,000 radio stations currently available on the internet. The right pane of GetRadio (All Radio Stations) will search radio stations that broadcast music of the genre you specify. Select a genre from the drop-down list or enter a genre and press Search to find the top 25 stations that broadcast music of this particular genre. Pressing the arrow buttons will allow you to cycle between your favorite radio stations, the stations that you’ve marked as junk and the stations that you find by selecting a genre. In either case, you’ll see a list of web radio stations that you can record or listen to (or both):

Right-clicking on a radio station will show the context menu for it. Here, you can add the radio station to favorites, mark it as junk, record and play it. The context menu affects all selected stations (in case you select more than one):

Your favorite stations will always be displayed in the top-left pane of GetRadio (if you selected any favorite stations, that is). Conversely, junk stations will not appear in search results and will generally stay invisible anywhere except on the Junk Stations page of the All Radio Stations pane. You can remove a station from favorites or junk anytime. Adding or removing a station from favorites can also be accomplished by on the star icon next to the station title. A yellow star means that the station is one of your favorites and clicking on the star icon will remove it from favorites. Conversely, a grey icon means that the station isn’t one of your favorites and clicking on the icon will make it one of your favorites. Recording and playing web radio is covered in more detail in the following section.

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